About the site

The site for this Kingdom University is a Scout Camp that offers lots of space and amenities for a University:

Plenty of indoor and outdoor space

A total of 173 beds

Main house (and beds) handicapped accessible

Main hall seats 180 for feast

6 lane archery range

Up to 15 class tracks simultaneously

Separate dance hall

Separate kitchen for cooking classes

The main house (Haupthaus) contains the feast hall, secondary hall, dance hall, main kitchen, bedrooms, and showers & toilets for the chalets (numbered 1 - 11, sleeping up to twelve each).
In the bigger house between chalets 5 and 6 is the second kitchen and a dining room.  More showers/toilets for the chalets are in the WC-Haus next to it.

The typical temperatures in November will be between 10° - 5° C which a 1 in 4 chance of rain.
Below please find two different weather pages to help with packing closer to the date.