Event Schedule

& Feast Menu

This is a preliminary schedule to assist with travel planning.

Friday, 10. Nov
17:00 Site opens
19:00 Travellers' Fare
20:00 Court

Saturday, 11. Nov
07:30 Coffee
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Classes start
11:30 - 13:00  Lunch pick up
16:00 Classes end
16:30 Court
19:00 Feast

Sunday, 12. Nov
10:00 Out of  bedrooms
12:00 Site closes

The Feast Menu

19:00 1st course

Florentine meat
Sauce for game
Cakes of Monaco
Sprouts of life

Poached egg vegetarian

19:20 2nd course

Stuffing for capon
Papal sauce
Sour cherry sauce
A good dish

Kidney beans vegetarians

20:00 3rd course

Squash torte
To make a healthy and good dish of enula

Egg ravioli Vegetarians

20:30 Subtleties