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Local Taxi companies in Bad Neustadt a. d. Aisch

Eddy's Taxi +49 9161 2561
Taxi & Car Service Rößner +49 9161 307864
Richie's Fahrdienst +49 9161 9379970

International Airports: 

Nearest airport is Nuremberg (Nürnberg or NUE), which is used by some of the budget airlines and offers direct flights to London, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Sofia (and of course lots of other places).  If that doesn't work for you, alternatives are Frankfurt (FRA, better choice if taking the train) and Munich (München or MUC, better choice if getting a rental car). But DO check the option of flying into NUE via FRA or MUC - when you figure in the cost of train tickets and extra travel time, a stop in FRA or MUC might be a worthwhile option.

By car it takes about 55 min from Nuremberg Airport and approx. 2 hours from Frankfurt and Munich, depending on traffic & time of day.

From the Nuremberg Airport it will take approx. 55 min by train to "Bahnhof, Neustadt (Aisch)", please get your tickets for the local public transport in advance on or buy them on the day at the train stations.

Taking the train from the airports in Frankfurt or Munich, find your best way to "Neustadt(Aisch)Bahnhof" on the Deutsche Bahn website. It will take you approx. 2.5 - 3.5+ hours, depending on your connections. In Munich you will have to take a tram from the airport to the main train station, this part of the trip is included in the Deutsche Bahn trip.

We will help with arranging transport between the train station Neustadt a. d. Aisch and the site, which is a 10 km drive.

Travelling by Train:

Find your best way to the the Neustadt an der Aisch train station, which is listed as "Neustadt(Aisch)Bahnhof" on the Deutsche Bahn website.

We will help with arranging transport between the train station Neustadt a. d. Aisch and the site. Details to follow.

Site address:

CVJM Freizeitzentrum Münchsteinach
Neuebersbacher Str. 30
91481 Münchsteinach 

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