Event team

Event steward: THL Tamara Samuilova - ku2023@drachenwald.sca.org

Deputy steward: Mesterinne Þora Sumarliðadottir - ku2023@drachenwald.sca.org

Kingdom University Chancellor: Mistress Caitriona of the Ravens - university@drachenwald.sca.org 

Reservations steward: Lady Marye Elizabeth Poppin & Mistress Oriane d'Avallon -

Dietary Restrictions: Magnifica Magdelena Grace Vane - steward.of.edibles@gmail.com 

Cooks: Magnifica Magdelena Grace Vane
Mistress Mairi Jean 
Lady Bryndis Hrothgarsdottir

Hall Steward: Master Duncan Kerr

Royalty Liaison: Master Gilbert Blakthorn - gilbert.blakthorn@gmail.com

Marshall in Charge: THL Mícheál Breathnach - michealofdim@gmail.com 

Herald in Charge: Lady Kytte of the Lake - Kytteofthelake@gmail.com

Social Media Team: THL Alfhild of Foxley and Viscount Yannick of Normandy

Tech Team: Viscount Yannick of Normandy and Magistra Maria Harsick

Site Liason: Mistress Oriane d'Avallon


We are still looking for volunteers for several positions and would be happy to have you join the KU2023 team. Please contact  ku2023@drachenwald.sca.org